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With Ramos and Benzema's goals, Real Madrid defeated Real Sociedad away and returned to the top of the league standings. After a slightly dull first half, both sides played their hole cards in the second half. Real Madrid relied on the personal ability of the stars to break the deadlock, and Real Sociedad used center tactics to win back. Ramos was injured, and Militan, who came off the bench, was targeted. The right-wing test that had plagued Zidane for a long time ushered in new changes.


After experiencing the baptism of the Western Super Cup and the national derby in the second round, after the rematch, Real Madrid's tactical play in the new era has basically taken shape. On the defensive end, Zidane's team emphasizes everyone's responsibility and full participation. The offense is based on possession of the ball and seeks cross opportunities after fully mobilizing space. Real Madrid's midfielder and defender have formed a relatively clear rotation pattern. Zidane's main job in the pre-match formation phase is to determine the striker candidates.


Vinicius replaced Hazard and Ronaldo started again in the league after eight months. Zidane has arranged 6 players to play on the right wing after the rematch. No matter what style of teammate he is in front of, Carvajal is the most active player in the right offensive system. Zidane left the outside corridor to the full-back, and the right winger must develop in the middle. This player can be either a forward, a shadow forward or a striker. It is more difficult to visit Basque, Modric takes a break, Real Madrid needs to be able to participate in the right wing of the midfield organization, Ronaldo seems to be a more suitable candidate than Rodrigo and Bale.


The seven-day and three-match intensive schedule has posed a severe test to the physical fitness of Real Madrid players. They did not choose a more aggressive oppressive play in the away game, but based on the defense, using the speed of Vinicius to consume opponents and prepare for a protracted battle. . William-Jose missed the start, and Real Sociedad’s offense came to the ground from the air, and Real Madrid became more of the side using long passes. The duel between Vinicius and Gorosaver became the focus of the game between the two sides.

为期七天三场的密集赛程对皇马球员的身体素质提出了严峻的考验。他们没有在客场比赛中选择更具侵略性的压迫性比赛,而是基于防守,利用Vinicius的速度消耗对手并为旷日持久的战斗做准备。 。威廉-约瑟(William-Jose)起步未中,皇家社会队的进攻从空中飞了起来,皇家马德里(Real Madrid)凭借长传获得了更多的进攻。 Vinicius和Gorosaver之间的对决成为了双方之间比赛的焦点。

After several heads-up failures, Vinicius gradually stepped on the spot, and the Royal Sociedad’s defense felt increasing pressure. In the 28th minute, Vinicius received a long pass and stopped and broke through Gorosaver. The latter was forced to foul and received a yellow card. This matchup became the key to changing the trend of the game, and the experienced Real Madrid continued to put pressure on this side. Gorosaver seems more and more cramped in the single defense, Real Sociedad had to tilt resources to this side to strengthen the defense, the dominant power of the game fell into the hands of Real Madrid.

经过几次单挑失败后,维尼修斯逐渐站上了现场,皇家社会队的后卫感到压力越来越大。在第28分钟,维尼修斯(Vinicius)传出一记长传,停下脚步,突破了Gorosaver。后者被迫犯规并收到黄牌。这场比赛成为改变比赛趋势的关键,经验丰富的皇家马德里继续在这一方面施加压力。 Gorosaver在单一防守中似乎越来越局促,皇家社会不得不向这边倾斜资源以加强防守,比赛的主导权落入了皇马手中。

In the case of the main left, Real Madrid needs a striker with the ability to score goals to take on the right. Bell's characteristic is that he can directly attack the penalty area, and Benzema can easily retreat to catch the ball. Ronaldo's advantage is a long shot, which requires Benzema to suppress the opponent's central defender. Having survived the trough of the end of the year and the beginning of the year, Benzema used the offseason to recover his physical fitness and regain his excellent form at the beginning of the season. This season, Benzema has scored 22 goals in all competitions (39 appearances), showing good scoring efficiency.


Since his visit to Mallorca (2019.10.20), Ronaldo has not been able to start in the league. Real Madrid was eliminated by Real Sociedad in the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey. Ronaldo, who started the game, performed mediocre. Perhaps due to the pressure of public opinion, or perhaps preparing to carry out the right-wing trial and error to the end, Zidane's campaign gave Ronaldo a chance to start, hoping that he would regain his confidence as a "smart soldier". In order to make Ronaldo play comfortably, Zidane gave him more tactical freedom. Ronaldo does not need to be active on the side lanes he is not good at, and can move freely in the large area from the arc of the middle circle to the front of the penalty area. This is also the way Heynckes used him back then.


It can be seen from the several times that Ronaldo has handled the ball in the midfield that the Colombian's body is not in the best condition, and the ball feels relatively unfamiliar. He stumbled and procrastinated many times when dribbling and smashing the ball. In the face of marking and double-teaming, Ronaldo rarely has the performance of forcing a long pass from the angle in the past, which is fatal for a player who lacks the ability to get rid of the foot.


Benzema needs to retreat to a deep position to meet Ronaldo. The player who launched the long pass is still Cross. F. Valverde not only has to cover the right, but also complete the task of dribbling in the counterattack. Ronaldo is not only difficult to play a role in midfield, but also takes up a lot of resources. When he came to the forefront of the penalty area, Ronaldo also failed to achieve the expected results. He did not find a shot, and several passes into the penalty area failed to create a threat.

本泽马需要撤退到更深的位置才能与罗纳尔多见亚搏手机登录主页面。推出长传的球员仍然是Cross。 F. Valverde不仅要掩盖权利,还要完成运球的反攻任务。罗纳尔多不仅很难在中场发挥作用,而且还占用了大量资源。当他来到罚球区的最前沿时,罗纳尔多也未能达到预期的结果。他没有找到投篮机会,并且数次传球到禁区未能造成威胁。

Real Sociedad still did not give up when they were two goals behind. They first relied on the new force (Januzhai & Ellustondo) to launch a counterattack from the wing, and finally attacked around the substitute center William Jose. In the face of pressure, Zidane replaced Mariano and Asensio, the former maintaining pressure on the opponent in the frontcourt, and the latter to protect the defense zone of Militão and Carvajal.

当他们落后两个目标时,皇家社会亚搏手机网页登陆队仍然没有放弃。他们首先依靠新部队(Januzhai&Ellustondo)从机翼发起反击,最后在替代中心William Jose周围发动进攻。面对压力,齐达内接替了马里亚诺和阿森西奥,前者在前场维持对对手的压力,后者则保护了米利坦和卡瓦哈尔的防守区。

Compared with Ronaldo, Asensio's scoring ability is not inferior, and his defensive performance is more active. When Real Madrid retreated to the backcourt, Asensio could not only dribble the ball from the side to counterattack, but also can complete the convergence and shooting at high speed. This is an ability that Ronaldo does not possess. Ramos' injury is unknown, and Militang may play an important role in the next game, which places new demands on the defensive ability of Real Madrid's right players. When Bell is unsuitable for the main force to play, the player who can bring the offensive and defensive balance on this side is Asensio.


The changeable tactical play and formation design give the stars enough room for self-expression and can firmly control the dressing room. Zidane concentrated on showing his own advantages in coaching in the two games after the rematch. There are only three "newcomers" in the main lineup of the "Galaxy III". Zidane's principle of signings is that it is better than lacking, and the old players are still Real Madrid's reliance in the transition period.

可变的战术战术和编队设计为明星提供了足够的自我表达空间,并且可以牢牢控制更衣室。齐达内专注于在复赛后的两场比赛中展现自己的教练优势。 “银河III”的主要阵容中只有三个“新来者”。齐达内的引援原则是胜于缺,老球员仍然是皇马在过渡时期的依靠。

After more than half of the season's trials, Zidane has a clear understanding of the players' status. The end of the season should have been a time to reduce rotation and strive for victory. The sudden epidemic disrupted Zidane's plan, and the intensive schedule forced him to frequently deploy troops again, which is a rare opportunity for marginal players. It is a pity that both Bell and Ronaldo’s "first show" lacked bright spots, and Marcelo was also mediocre. If the redemption cannot be completed in the next game, the Real Madrid career of these players may enter the countdown.


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